Yannick Jean – Eni Suun Ft. Olamide

Nigerian/Congolese  Reggae/hip-hop artist, Yannick Jean, is out to surprise us all with his  unique delivery.  He sings, writes, plays the Guitar, Drums and the keyboard. Yannick has been doing music for the most part of his  life, He recorded his first song titled “Vanity” which had a remix, then  there was “Stand for Your Right”.  In the last months of 2012, he dropped his hit single “Ileke”, from his  much anticipated Mixtape; INCEPTION.  The Mixtape comprises of fifteen (15) tracks including ‘Eni Suun’ feat  Olamide (baddo), Doppest girl, Checks & Balance, Diamonds (Rihanna cover)  and many more amazing hits.  With the management expertise of Sw!tch Freelance Media and amazing  production prowess of DYC, this gentleman has been brewed carefully to  deliver good music to Nigerians and beyond.


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