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Would Men Really Pick Beauty Over Brains?

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This is one of the very old and common controversial topics, especially when men are gathered. When asked which they would prefer to have; the woman with a very high IQ or the woman with the face and body of a beauty queen, some would go for the woman with the beautiful face and body, some would prefer to have both but most men would not hesitate to pick the intelligent woman if they are only allowed to pick one choice. But is this really true? Would men leave a stunning lady and go for plain, not so beautiful woman just because she is very smart?

Most of the men who pick intelligent women over beautiful women often believe beauty is the last thing any man should look out for when choosing a life partner. In fact, most men believe it should be the last thing anybody should use as a yardstick in choosing a wife material.
But beauty is vast. What it is to you may not be what it is to another. Like the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and same thing goes for the brain. What you call intelligent or brilliant may be dull to another person. We all have different things we look out for especially when it comes to the opposite sex but it is not a wonder that majority of men get attracted to what they can relate with, physically before really getting to know the person properly.

At the start of every relationship, physical attraction is key and that is how the woman looks, how she dresses, how she takes care of herself. The first time a man sees a woman, he is checking out how beautiful she looks. The outward appearance is mainly what attracts a man to a woman. The beauty of a woman is what sparks the interest in him most of the time. It is after he had noticed her physical endowments and approached her that he can start to go on a quest to discover her other non-physical attributes. In a nutshell, beauty gets a man’s attention but does not keep it and likewise the brain; it doesn’t keep the man too.

Although many men want women who are smart and would help provide solutions to problems plaguing them from time to time but men do want women who are too intelligent and would pose as a threat to their self esteem. According to Stephanie Brown; a psychologist at the Michigan University, intelligent women and highly powerful women don’t score as much as the less successful or intelligent ones when it comes to marriage. Brown further states that men believe that intelligent women who have important or are big earners are more likely to cheat because they have more opportunities to do so. They would often cheat because they believe they can get away with it.

Most women with high IQs often hold very important positions at their place of work and earn really big bucks. If the woman makes more money than the man, he may start considering the dumb beautiful lady that doesn’t earn as much as he does. A man needs to be assured at all times that he has the upper hand in the marriage. The woman earning more money than he does may wound his ego badly. He would feel almost useless if his brainy wife never allows him to do anything, she is always buying everything in the house and paying the kid’s fees. Some men often see intelligent women as cocky and too full of themselves.

The threat of power sharing in marriages may also put a man off from dating an highly intelligent woman. He wants to be head, provide for his family and be the one to make decisions. Most men would feel incarcerated if their rights as the head of the home are taken from them, therefore they may see an overly brilliant woman as a threat when they get married. A man would rather go for an airhead than a woman with very high IQ if he has the inkling that she would boss him around and always call the shots. Some even feel threatened by the woman with  Einstein’s brains because she is too smart to be toyed with and lied to.

While some men would run completely from a brilliant and beautiful woman, some would embrace them. Some men would shun beauty and go for brains. With each man, the choice is diverse but most men like women who they can show off to their friends, families and colleagues. What they want to show off may be intelligence, beauty, character etc. Men appreciate women who would complement them in every way, make them proud. They want to be able to take you everywhere without being scared of you embarrassing them to death.

What you value most determines what you would pick in a woman but really, would you rather go for a woman with zero looks but genius-level IQ than a woman who has the perfect body and the most beautifully made face you have ever seen but not so bright?



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