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ARTICLE: Watch It! Or Your Wife Will Cheat on You

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Men and women cheat for a variety of different reasons. Men most times would cheat once there is a girl or a woman available, but it is almost generally believed that married women especially in this part of the world would not cheat on their husbands except when there are reasons to do so. Now those reasons might sound genuine or not because we have some women who now behave like men when it comes to cheating, they just cheat for the fun of it, whether there is a reason to do so or not. But it is better for you as a guy to do what you are supposed to do and be what you are supposed to be so that you won’t give your woman a reason to cheat. Though it’s not a guarantee that your woman won’t cheat on you if you did all the right things, but I can tell you for free that if you let certain things linger, your woman will almost surely cheat on you, even if she has never done it before.

Firstly, Women desire to spend more time with their husbands but were often denied because of work, social activities and other things. When you leave your wife constantly, she is most likely to feel anger towards you even if she does not express it. Some men would come back from work, take their bath, eat dinner, take a little nap and then go out again to party or just hang out with friends before coming back home later in the night. And then same man would leave for work early in the morning and it would be like the wife never saw him throughout the week. An average loving wife simply wants her husband to spend more time with her and maybe the kids, she doesn’t want to feel like a second or third priority to her husband’s jobs or social lives. But when they find out their husband is not reciprocating the same level of desire to maintain a strong connection in the marriage, they become susceptible to finding that connection elsewhere without even planning it. So, to avoid that, spend quality time with your wife.

Secondly, know that conflicts will come in marriages, and these conflicts must be resolved before they snowball into something bigger. In resolving conflicts, effective communication is important; as inability to communicate effectively often leads to marriage conflicts going unresolved. And even after communication, the lack of resolution or change in future behavior might leave your wife feeling frustrated. When an issue has been identified and talked about, women expect to see resolution. For instance, if she complains about you not coming home in good time, or not spending enough time with her and the kids, she expects that after talking about it, you should take a step towards making things better than they were. Not just to say, “I will do better” or “I will change” and you never would. You need to realize that lack of effective communication and inability to resolve conflicts are precursors to cheating. In other words, the attraction to marital infidelity will begin to grow for your wife when those unresolved issues continue to be a source of conflict in your marriage, and you might just be pushing her further away from you.

Lastly, it is no secret that all women crave attention and more intimacy in their marriages. If they can’t get those, the void might eventually get filled by an affair partner. When you stop showing your wife the affection that she needs as a woman, when she misses your touch, when she misses the feeling of being wanted as a woman, she might just start to think about an affair even if she had never had one before. A lot of men talk and gist their wives before they got married, but after marriage, they rarely would have enough time to discuss except if such a thing was something serious, you as a man should know that your wife wants to talk to you about everything and anything. She wants to chat with you about the latest shoes, bags, her work-place drama and more. And most times, a woman just wants to feel better about herself, and know she is considered a worthy partner in the marriage. And this you can do by paying more attention to that wife of yours and you might never have to worry about her cheating on you.

In conclusion: every marriage is different, and I am not saying the points above are excuses for a woman to cheat in a marriage. But most cheating women didn’t actively seek out extra-marital affairs the way most men did. They just grew more frustrated in their marriages and the partner they cheated with became more desirable. And when the opportunity arose, there was less hesitation to stray. So men, give quality time to your wives, resolve conflicts and pay attention to the madams, then you might never have to worry about a thing. Stay Safe!



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