Can I Date A Man My Friend Has Slept With?


A reader needs your honest advise. You may quickly answer NO but read the entire post to understand her point.


Over Easter break, I went home (another country) where I hung out with a girl I went to high school with. While there, she took me to a lot of places to show me a good time. Once, we hung out with a group of guys, most of them were good looking. She told me she has been “seeing” one of them casually.

From our conversation, I got that they’ve been sleeping together with no comitment. The day after, he called to say he wanted to take me on a date. I gave him an excuse not to go and even though she didn’t say so, she seemed happy about that. I’ve been back for two weeks now and he and I have been talking regularly on the phone and on Skype. I think I’m beginning to fall for him. He’s everything I ever wanted in a man. But I’m worried my friend may be hurt if I take it further. But I’ve been thinking its not like we are best friends.

What do you think? Please advice me.






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