Timaya – “At the Young Age of 14, I was a Sex Slave”.

According to one of Nigeria’s top singers; Timaya originally named ‘Enetimi Alfred Odom’, life hasn’t been a bed of roses.
He gives us a little insight into the unheard part of his story:

“Many of those who write about me do not know who I really am. They only listen to my music, they don’t know the real me. Yet when they write, they portray me in a bad way and that is not who I am. Now some people see me and think I am the kind of person that carries a gun. When I had nowhere to stay, I had to go and live with a woman friend who turned me into a prisoner. I had to live by her rules. I could not go anywhere until she allows me to. I could never stay out until 7pm, or else I am in trouble. She was older than me by four years and I did not have a choice.

Anytime I complain, she threatened to throw me out of her house. If I failed to make love to her, she would accuse me of sleeping with other ladies, and she will again threaten to throw my things out. That was when I was in Port-Hacourt. It was not easy for me then, but what could I do? It was when I was able to save some money to get another place that I was able to escape. Eedris was a good person. One thing I like about him is that he is fearless, and believes in himself so much. He knows how to perform on stage. He knows how to carry the crowd, and that is one thing I have learnt from him. He could carry the street along, he could relate to the people, I learnt all that from him. What I did not like about him is the fact that he only tolerated his boys. Till date he never paid me a dime.

The only money he gave to me was one thousand Naira after a show we did at Kuramo beach. That I did not copy from him. I treat my boys fine. I don’t owe them. They all have cars. I know that they all have their own family and their own dream, so I don’t mess with that. Eedris had time only for himself,” Timaya stated.




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    • Casandra
    • September 18, 2012
    • Reply

    I give u hand jare mere looking at u who would hau tot dat u went thru such stufs keep up the gud work God is on ur side.

    • eckoj
    • July 1, 2012
    • Reply

    Mr timaya timaya, your name is a grt name, don’t look over what Eedris did to you, always thank him cos he did them for you to see life. Sorry for what happnd to you, but your now a big man, even that jonzin woman, she is a fool for doing all that to you. Bro am from PH and am also an artist, I just hate when ppl say shit about you. Cos I no you wella from choba, I no how the things goes. Your really a man. Keep your good work’s going. One love bro.

    • chidimma
    • June 30, 2012
    • Reply

    This story is touching! Life is deep mehn! Now look at where eedris is 2day!

  1. Oga me after al dis God is stil by ur side. I tink u wer born 2 do dis

  2. Eedris no folo at all if na d story b diz

  3. Eedris no folo at all

    • Ikenga
    • June 7, 2012
    • Reply

    Omo forget Eedris abeg, both him and that fat boss of his (KEKE) are just fools…

    • shola
    • June 7, 2012
    • Reply

    Sorry all these happened to u but thank God u have finally arrived…

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